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Apex School, located at Tilottama -5, Rupandehi, is a co-educational English medium school established in 2060 BS, (registered with different name in 2045 BS) with a motto of “Learning for Life”. Since its establishment, it has adopted modern and universal techniques to maintain, develop and consolidate holistic development of its students. It has been successful to provide opportunity to its students with essential
life skill opportunities. Besides teaching and learning, Apex School emphasizes on extra curricular activities, learning of moral values and love to humanity for students be able to earn respect and faith in society.

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We Provide

We educate students in 4×4 class system which reduces students stress level by reducing volume of homework, reducing weight of school bag by 50%, introduction interactive activities in class, evaluating students through schools own continuous assessment system(CAS). 
Teachers at Apex School understand the individualized psychological methods of behaving students which provides safe environment for students to become critical, creative, communicative.
While teaching we focus on 21st Century learning skills as per the need of the present day.

ECA Coaching are available to the hostel & non-hostel students of Apex School as per their interest and availability of coaches. The professional coaches are added and reduced as per the demand of the students and availability of coaches in local market every year. At present there are coaches for following purposes:

1. Cricket
2: Table Tennis
3. Basket Ball
4. Dance
5. Drawing
6. Music
7. Singing

Dance, Drawing, Music and singing are compulsory activity for the students of Basic level where as Cricket, Table Tennis and Basket Ball are optional classes for the students (Basic Level & Secondary Level). The optional training are run during off time(before& after school and holidays) and compulsory training are run during class time.

Quality is not a matter of chance but the result of consistency in deliberate efforts.
Apex School is a member school of QUEST NEPAL and runs SQC programs for it students and also for the students of neighboring schools within Rupendehi district.
SQC is group of like minded students who collaborate to find their problems, analyze the found problems and solve themselves by using scientific tools and techniques which is called case study. Practice of case study process gives very useful skills and insight of quality in life to the students.

Apex School believes in collaborative approach of working and has developed collaborative network with schools inside and outside the country. Students of these schools participate in collaborative projects. Some projects are online projects and some projects are done by students at their own school and shared the photographs and learning outcomes.

Students participate in international events in person by travelling a long distance. This participation gives same very useful and lasting experience to the students like:-

1. They Visti people of different religion, culture, language.
2. They travel by train, plane.
3. They see geographic diversities.
4. They also visit tourist sites of such places.

The most important benefit of such projects is that the students develop global outlook and prepare themselves to work in any part of the world.

Apex School has developed its own continuous assessment system in the guidance of the sample in the guidance of the sample given by the MOE Nepal.

This system is effective to motivate students and make teachers responsible throughout the year. After implementation of CAS Students grades have increased and they have started to complete all the assignments sincerly.

The CAS at Apex School is simple & effective to use. Each lesson is evaluated under five activities of teaching learning each of whoch carry 10 marks.

Continuous Assessment System in education is a key to success. Without CAS students will stock the study work for periodic test. There is poor reason for working hard throughout the year. CAS motivates and challenge students throughout the year and with each lesson they can celebrate the success.

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